Essay on The Funding Of Public Education

1914 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Public Education across the United States has been under attack for several years. Parents want school districts, administrators and teachers to be accountable for their children’s education; however, they do not want to finance their schools. School districts are forced to work with the income they have. This income varies from district to district and state to state. Affluent districts across the United States have larger budgets than poor districts causing great inequalities in students’ education. “Many children of middle and upper class neighborhoods are given the material and intellectual resources that will allow them to obtain high social status, solid employment, and wealth; many other children are denied this privilege because of their economic background and location” (Problems in Education, 2000). Public education is supposed to be an equal opportunity for all; however, it is not equal because of the differences in funding. Education should be funded on a national basis so that all students have an equal opportunity to live the “American Dream”. The funding formula should be so that every school across the nation has an equal amount of money for per pupil spending in their school district. School funding needs to be equalized on a national level so that all children have the same opportunity when it comes to their public education. School funding for districts varies from state to state and district to district. States have different formulas to fund…

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