The Fundamental Goal Of A University Essay

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The fundamental goal of a university should be to help its students succeed and reach their full potential. An environment that places limitations on the ability to access information leads to the acceptance of mediocrity (Yang -). This idea contrasts sharply with the goal of a university. Accessibility to information and knowledge go hand in hand. Universities must inspire their students to reach new levels of understanding, and providing full access to information will provide students with the means to generate new ideas. Technology and the introduction of the Internet has made the ability to share, view, and create intellectual property widely accessible. Dave Tomar, author of the chapter “Use Me” from his book The Shadow Scholar, claims that because the role of the university as the primary facilitator of knowledge is threatened by the easy accessibility of information, many universities restrict and/or limit access to make their role more relevant (Tomar -). Unfortunately, this restriction is not always accomplished with the students’ best interests in mind. Limiting the access to information is not progressive; it is repressive and not conducive to learning at the college level. This self-righteous behavior demonstrates a complete lack of regard toward the students and their learning potential. This lack of respect between universities and their students creates an environment that inhibits the idea generation process. In order to continue to insure innovation in…

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