The Fundamental Features of the French 5th Republic Constitution

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Fundamental feature of the constitution of the Fifth Republic
The constitution of every country has some special features of its own. If we want to know about the condition of any country, we must have knowledge about the constitution of this country. The constitution of any country is ultimately related to its politics and historical evolution of this country. Constitution is indirectly the picture of a country. Every constitution is the product accumulated material and spiritual circumstances of it’s time. After long time, the Fifth Republic of France has been emerged.
There are some important causes behind the decline of the 4th Republic such as errorful parliamentary system, rapid changing of council, weak leadership and so on.
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The primary text of this republic is Liberty,
Fraternity, and Equality. In Article 2 it is said, “Its principle shall be government of the people, by the people and for the people.”
In the 3rd Article it is said that’ “National sovereignty belongs to the people who shall exercise this sovereignty through its representatives and through referendums.” They will exercise their sovereign power. It should be noted that people will enjoy their right of vote by electing their local representatives. French is mentioned as a community at the article 1 and from the article 77 to 87. In the French constitution all are equal in the eyes of law. The community is founded upon the equality and solidarity of the people’s composing it.
About political parties in the article 4 it is said that, “Political Parties may compete for the compression of the suffrage, they may freely from themselves and exercise their activities, and they must respect the principles of sovereignty and of democracy.” The constitution is a compromise an expression of two very different and probably conflicting principles. The first is modified version of the traditional parliamentary system. The second is the
Introduction of a strong president who would embody the legitimacy of the Nation and could in an emergency; prevent the disruption of political system.
Parliament consists of the National Assembly and the Senate. Upper

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