Essay on The Fundamental Components Of Feminist Media Studies

1434 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
The subsequent essay aims to discern the fundamental components of feminist media studies. Additionally, it intends to demonstrate how two particular critical essays respect and adhere to this specific form of media-based criticism. In order to do so, first, the essay will introduce the general characteristics of feminist media studies. Second, the two articles will be compared to distinguish the similarities and diverging points between the two pieces of criticism. Third, the essay will be concluded by regrouping the two previous points in the interest of discerning their relevance in the field of feminist media criticism.
To begin with, feminist media studies is a type of criticism that examine and research how patriarchy has enforced the hegemonic notion of biological determinism, amongst other things (Sawchuk 65). This notion it is a way to implant the idea that women are inferior to men, physically as well as mentally, ‘’because of biological differences’’ that is beyond their control (Sawchuk 65). Furthermore, this critical approach is also interested in how this discourse is taken and reinforced or weakened by the media. In other words, feminist media studies is concerned with how media can contribute to women’s oppression or how they can help improve their situation (Sawchuk 65). Additionally, this type of study examines how media portray ‘’ feminist issues, goals, and values’’ (Sawchuk 59). Similarly, feminist criticism analyses how media encode their normative…

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