The Fundamental Belief Of Taoism Essay

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To question our own existence is an inextricable element of the human condition. Since the dawn of humanity, humans have been asking not how, but why we exist. The non-theistic beliefs of Daoism allow the adherent to formulate their own individual interpretation of the meaning of life. Daoism was founded by Lao-Tzu, in approximately 550 BCE. Despite popular opinion, Daoism was not originally religion as such, rather a philosophical worldview and way of life. However for the purposes of this essay, it is a religion. The fluid, celestial beliefs of Daoism compliment it’s harmonious, eternal reputation. The philosophies of ‘The Dao’ (The Way), Wu Wei (non-action), Yin and Yang and Ch’i or Qi (life force/energy flow) all give adherents a complete, internal, yet transcendent sense of ethereal flow and natural direction, which gives the adherent a supernatural sense of fulfilment.

The fundamental belief of Taoism is the Dao (The way) itself. “The Tao is a universal principle that underlies everything from the creation of galaxies to the interaction of human beings”( 2015) . The interesting fact about the concept of the Dao, is that “The Tao cannot be described in words. Human language can only give hints that may help the mind to form an idea”( 2009). One way to describe the Dao is to understand daoists capital believe that it underlies everything and anything that has been or ever will be. It is important to mention the Dao is not a…

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