Essay on The Functionalist Theory And Conflict Theory

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Education is a major social institution that helps transmit information, beliefs, and skills through formal training or teaching. Education plays a hug role across the world. Education is very universal. Functionalists believe that education contributes to society’s stability, solidarity, and well-being but does education benefit everyone?
I have been able to better understand education through theories such as the functionalist theory and conflict theory. I have been able to learn that education can be limited based on ethnicity, social class, and race. The functionalist theory states that education benefits society in many aspects, such as transmitting knowledge and culture, increasing cultural integration and benefits tax payers. Through the functionalist theory, I have been able to see how education benefits society as a whole. Education allows children to interact with one another, helping them better understand each other and their differences. The conflict theory suggests that education benefits some more than others. Education can vary based location, social class, and race. Social class is a huge factor in education. People who are considered “upper- class” have greater access to social capital, helping them obtain information about top schooling and providing support on schooling. People who are considered “lower- class” are limited to resources that help provide information about education and school systems. Studies have shown that students from lower…

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