The Functionalist Perspective And The Interactionist Perspective

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Andrew Regan
Sociology, like many other studies, is not so black and white. There are three different perspectives that come to three very different conclusions. These perspectives are the functionalist perspective, the conflict perspective and the interactionist perspective. These perspectives allow questions to be answered in different ways.
The functionalist perspective, sometimes called the systems theory or order perspective, assumes that form works well for the society, or helps to preserve the society, given its particular situation (Farley: 53). What this means is that the environment that people live in and the different elements that affect them force them to adapt. What works for one society might not work for another. A society located in Siberia will have different problems and solutions compared to one located in Death Valley. Both of these societies, however, are interdependent. This means that every part of society depends on the rest of society to function properly (Farley: 53). A good example of this would be a baseball team. Every player on the field is necessary for the team to be successful. Each player also serves a specific function as well. All of these parts together create a winning team. Consensus is also important to the functionalist perspective. To have consensus means that there are certain basic values that nearly everyone in society agrees upon (Farley: 54). The baseball analogy works here as well. If all of the players do not buy in to the…

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