Essay on The Function Of The Prison

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The suppose function of the prison is to Deter, Incapacitate and Reform individuals. The dea of deterrence is that individuals would be reluctant to commit crime due to fear of imprisonment as a form of punishment. Incapacitation has to do with restricting the movement of offenders where they are unable to commit further crimes. Reform is the idea that crime can be reduce by using punishment to change the behaviour and character of offenders for the better.
The prison has not been very successful in carrying out its supposed functions. For instance, when it comes to deterrence the prison has failed, in that the prison population has greatly increased over the years. The prison population has increased by 41,800 between 1993 and 2012. Currently the prison population in England and Whales is 85, 564. According to the Howard League for Penal Reform Weekly Prison Watch, as week ending Friday 6 March 2015 there are 20 more people in prison than last week and 95 more people compare to this time last year ( 12/03/2015
Incapacitation has to be the only function that the prison carry out quite well, in that incapacitation makes it a lot more difficult for offenders to commit further crimes, especially offences involving rape, paedophilia and serial killing. According to Michael Howard Prison works because ‘it ensures that we are protected from murderers, muggers and rapist’ (36)
On the other hand, however, offenders are still able to carry…

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