Essay on The Function Of Management Follows Planning

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The next function of management follows planning and it is about organising. It’s about using the plan to bring together the physical, financial and other available resources and use them to achieve the organisational goal. If your task was to increase sales, you would look at the plan and determine how to divide the resources you have in order to put your plan in place. The marketing campaign would be handed out the Becky and you would provide them with the financial resources available and needed to give birth to the campaign. You would also need to ensure the team has access to the customer files in order to utilise vital information. You’d then direct Danny and his team to calculate the possible reductions you can make, help them have the resources to determine which products are best to discount and so on. You’d use the above plan and information about the resources you have or which you need, and arrange the resources to the right tasks. As the example shows, this can be about arranging the finances, ensuring the right equipment is used and appointing the personnel to the specific tasks.
Your objective as the manager is to provide your team or department the resources it needs to turn the plan into reality. The organising function is about the overall structure of the specific managerial level. You are creating the foundations to everyday operations by organising the resources. This functions is closely linked to the hierarchy of management. Depending on your…

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