The Function Of Bakufu System Essay example

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Topic: The function of Bakufu system in history of Japan
Nowadays, people pay more attention to the historical event, and some historical event are unique in the whole world, such as the Chinese emperor control whole china so long time, or the peculiar system at Japan called “the Bakufu system”, this system began at 1185. At 1185, the family of “Taira” fought with the family of “Minamoto”, this two family are the Samurai family at that period, this battle during late Heian-period, and this battle is meaningful for the late of history of Japan, because when this battle finished, the Family of “Taira” is destroyed by the family of “Minamoto” and the family of “Minamoto” established the first Bakufu system, called the “Kamakura bakufu”, this system is very strange than other political system of other country at that period, because the whole country seems to control by the emperor, but the truth is that the military government control the emperor, which means the whole country controlled by the person who behind the emperor. And when the family of Minamoto get the power, the emperor called “Go-toba” give an office called “Seii-Taishogun”to Yoritomo, and he use their power to separate the land to some powerful Samurais, which means the leader of Bakufu need make sure every Samurai get the little power, and he also need to prevent coup, so he need to separate the land to every Samurai. At the most powerful period of Bakuban, the rank of samurai was raised by the leader of…

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