The Function Of A Constitution Essay

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The function of a constitution in a democracy is to limit the power of government from infringing on the rights of the people, states, and different branches of government. It sets forth the basic rights of a citizen: life, liberty, right to property, and pursuit of happiness. It also has the fundamentals to establish responsibility for the government to protect those basic rights. It can also serve as a limitation on how those in government may use their power, with consideration that they must simultaneously protect citizen rights as their number one responsibility. The government also must bear rights over the distribution of resources and have control over any major conflict. A constitution can be either changed by disbanding its content or it can have things added to it through amendments. To do either of these ratifications you must have the both citizen and congressional majority approval. A constitution has this power to limit government by clearly stating what it’s objectives and boundaries are.
There are two basic types of government: limited and unlimited. Each provide specific advantages and disadvantages. In limited government the citizens have more freedom, rights and generally have a better economy overall. A major disadvantage of using a limited government is that the government may not have enough power to stop a business or individual who is stepping out of line, but technically not practicing any activities considered illegal. This is something that…

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