The Fuel Waste Leakage From The Landfill ( Area ) Essay

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On the opposing side of the plan, the nearby houses claimed that they would be burdened with the cost of increased waste leakage from the landfill(Area). This was proven wrong after I read through the DEP’s report on the capped landfill. The reports all came back clean with no VOC’s or any other toxic substances at an unsafe level. On their website, the AREA website created by Amherst residents who are against this proposition posted photos of the surrounding wetlands areas where the water had swirly brown residue floating on the top which looked very similar to oil or some sort of oil based chemical such as paint which was allegedly buried in the 1980’s in the landfill(AREA). However after my interview with one of the key residents who vocalized for the project, told me that the pictures were misleading because the brownish residue floating on the top was actually iron oxide which is easily differentiated from oil by simply using a stick to stir the water. She told me that the iron simply breaks up and disperses while the oil swirls (Julie Marcus). Julie is the CoFounder of New England Environmental which is an environmental consulting firm making her opinion on the matter carry weight. The other costs discussed were the effects on the landfills physical appearance and use for the public use for walking dogs and for kids sledding. Their reasoning for this was the State Grant Agreement required preservation for recreational use(AREA). However according to my interview, she…

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