Essay about The Fuel Of Fossil Fuels

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Crude Oils Leading to a Crude Reality

Society has grown ignorant. Everyday people unknowingly contribute to a possible downfall to society. As we go throughout our day-to-day lives we are constantly wielding a double-edged sword that hurts us without us knowing. We walk around blindly and only think of what is happening at that current time. Rarely do we ever think about the consequences of our actions or how what we do will affect the future. Perhaps one of the main things we need to do is open our eyes and take witness to all of the damage that fossil fuels are causing. Although the use of fossil fuels may be convenient, it sets us on a very dark and dangerous path. Many people may find the abandonment of fossil fuels ridiculous and absurd, but it is very plausible and something with todays technology we can accomplish. As a society we should abandon the use of fossil fuels and pursue the use of alternative energy. With all of the damage done to our environment, all of the potential jobs lost, and all of the potential health risks fossil fuels create far outweigh any possible benefits fossil fuels may offer. Too often do we turn a blind eye to the damages that fossil fuels bring to our environment. When fossil fuels are burned they emit gases that are released into the air. The most prevalent gas being carbon dioxide which traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere. This leads to higher unsafe temperatures, the destruction of environments, death and extinction of species…

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