The Front Of The House Essay

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Come on in and take a look at what our OLD HOME first looked like and the after. Basically, lets take a time machine back to the 70 's which was probably the last time the house was updated.
Front of the house before:
The front of the house is a bit dated and had a huge tree that had rotted down to its roots, and would poss issues as its large branches were resting on the roof of the first floor. This made us nervous, because one big rainstorm, we felt it could fall on our house. Previous owners had closed off what could of been the porch and made an extra room (this extra room was their sun-room, aka our office).

Front of the house after:

Living Room before:
The living room is the first room you walk into, decent size space, but no wall space. This house has tons of natural light, windows are everywhere; however, this becomes difficult for a living room when you want to mount your flat screen TV. The living room had two entrance to the upstairs, one from the living room and the other from the dining room.

Living Room after:
Our goal for this house was to update, but also try to stay true to the charm of this old charming home. (Nicole Curtis from Rehad Addict would be so proud, well almost haha.) We kept the french doors and painted them (behr: black suede), made the sun-room entrance smaller, removed carpet, closed up the entrance to the staircase from the living room. Due to the floors not being leveled and the original wood floors not being able to be saved, we placed…

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