The From The Association For Poor People ( Gapp ) Essays

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On the condition that there was a new organization which developed from the Greensboro Association for Poor People (GAPP), new ideologies emerged which was a more narrowed focus on social and economic injustices. This train of thought was common to the entire working class in the region because the individuals who had jobs, were being taught that there were workings of racism that were particularly articulated in the workplace. The newly formed organization was known as the Workers Viewpoint Organization (WVO). This documentary is based upon the experience of Kwame Cannon, and how his mother’s involvement as an activist- in the Civil Rights movement, as well as the WVO. Her involvement has shown how the government, as well as the state attempts to keep minorities quiet from being heard in situations where they do not seek justice, and then decide to protest afterwards. In addition to the statement before, Wilena Cannon (Kwame’s mother) being an activist, so to say, gave the city of Greensboro a reason to lock her son away for a very long time on the count that he burglarized six homes. On the other hand though, what Kwame believed to be a great plea bargain, was in fact the worst. For example, when Kwame’s lawyer presented the plea bargain to him, he made it seem less severe than what the bargain actually was. The bargain was a two life sentence for the six burglaries that were non-violent. Others who heard of the sentence assumed that the severity of the sentence may have…

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