The, French Tourists And Egypt, And British Imperial Agents Essay

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expositions, French tourists to Egypt, and British imperial agents. Realistically, all three of these groups provided different interpretations of events. However, Mitchell gleaned evidence from these varying perspectives and used them to support his argument. So, Mitchell effectively used many different accounts to depict how the individual shaped political and social history. Meanwhile, Tackett’s argument was proven primarily through the actions taken by Sauce. Having said that, Tackett did use other firsthand experiences to advance his argument, but they only served to further expose the importance of Sauce’s place in history. Candidly, without Sauce’s actions in 1791, all of the other experiences depicted by Tackett in When the King took Flight would never have happened. As compelling as the examples of Tackett and Mitchell assuredly are, they are by no means the only case were a historian has employed the case of the individual to prove a central thesis. Take, for example, the work of famed German historian Hans Ulrich Wehler. In Wehler’s book The German Empire 1871-1918, Wehler advanced a central argument that the creation of a German Empire in 1871 was caused primarily by the policies and actions of one man, Otto von Bismarck. Moreover, it was the policies of Bismarck that created the Sonderweg during the latter portion of the 19th century, which featured a Kaiser as the monarch of the German Empire supported by a deeply entrenched group of landed individuals with…

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