The French Revolution Essay

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The French Revolution was the product of many significant events accumulating both in and around France in the 18th century, and saw the public execution of King Louis XVI and with him the French monarchy itself. The economic slump that preceded the revolution played a pivotal role in the uprising, but there were other factors that arose towards the end of the century that also contributed to the rebellion. Corrupt politics, coupled with individuals who began opposing the principle of the absolute monarchy and authoritarian regime; meant that by the end of the 18th century, France was suffering from a substantial amount of unrest. Additionally, changing attitudes carried over from the American Declaration of Independence years earlier compounded pre-existing problems within France. However, although the economic hardship people face played a significant role, the primary cause of the French Revolution was arguably a distinct demarcation between the First, Second and Third Estates and their social classes associated.

The economic slump of the late 1780s was caused by several uncontrollable problems and damaging to an already suffering economy, but proved to be a fierce catalyst for the French Revolution, as it fuelled peasants’ resentment towards their living conditions and pushed France towards an actual revolt. In a period of two years, France was hit by a series of harsh weather conditions that meant harvests failed and peasants starved. Prices were raised so high…

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