The French Revolution: The Economic Revolution Of The French

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Long long ago in a far away land called France, there lived a poor family of peasants. It was in the late 1780s and the country of France was struggling. They faced a severe economic crisis and the poor family could hardly even afford to keep their stomachs full.

"Hello! Welcome to our home. I know it 's not much, but we 're doing all that we can. I 'm a mother of two and I work at the cloth making industry. I get paid very little, so at desperate times, I 've had to turn to selling pots and pans on the street. My husband is away most of the time, working as a farmer, and he too earns a very miserable wage. "

Meeting of the Estate 's General:
"Our king, Louis XVI called for a meeting of the Estates General because of the financial
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Such demands consisted mostly of the high prices and scarcity of bread. Much of the anger was also directed towards the queen, Marie Antoinette, because of her life of great pleasure and extravagance.

Pressured by the crowd, Louis XVI promised to give the women bread and go back to Paris. The royal family moved into the Tuileries Palace in Paris, where the king was practically a prisoner for the next three years.

The march on Versailles contributed to the rise of democracy because it showed how the people of France had the strength to overpower and take control over the king and his family.

The Rein of Terror:
In the early 1790 's, France was at war with much of Europe. In order to try to deal with the troubles of war, the committee of public safety was created. Maximilien Robespierre, a lawyer and politician, became the leader of this committee. He believed that the only way to achieve a "republic of virtue" was through the use of terror.

"Terror is necessary to achieve the goals of the revolution!!"

"My poor neighbor was falsely accused of treason, and was executed the other day..."

The guillotine was a fast falling blade used as a more humane way to execute

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