The French Revolution And The Revolutions Essay

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“Man was born free, yet everywhere he is in chains '” by Rousseau. The enlightenment period leading to new ideas and discoveries helps change the minds of the citizens of France. With their new ideas in mind, it leads us in the French revolution where the enlightenment thinkers’ ideas can be put into action within the 18th century. This was not an easy task, but over the next couple of years the National Assembly will help guide our wants and needs as citizens of France to create a new form a government. I agree with Baker’s views of decisions of the national assembly causing the nation war and by Rousseau’s general will cause the Constituent Assembly wanting terror through Rousseau’s democratic ideas, the Assembly’s actions, and leading to terror.
As the French revolution takes off, many figures take their role in the remaking for a new order of government. Over time France has changed from a bourbon monarchy into a constitutional monarchy, but as the French middle classes wanted political rights that reflected their education and wealth. Rousseau had his own idea of a pure democracy based off of the ancient Greeks. Rousseau’s democracy would follow his general will, but it would be for all the people or most of the people to take care itself of the execution of the laws that is promulgated as a legislator. The result of the democracy would shape the government of executive power and sovereignty as the legislative power. Democracy has roamed the country of France, the…

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