The French Revolution And The Revolution Essay

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The French revolution started because the citizens wanted more freedoms and rights. The idea of the new government came from the Enlightenment philosophers. Locke was one of the many he rejected monarchy also he believed that government should be selected by and follow the will of the majority, which was a fundamental assertion of the Revolution. Montesquieu introduced the idea of separation of powers in government (from The Spirit of the Law). Where Montesquieu had understood freedom as being unconstrained and unimpeded in doing what one chooses to do so long as it is lawful, Rousseau defined freedom as ruling oneself, living only under a law which one has oneself enacted In Rousseau 's conception of a constitution, the nation became sovereign over itself. Rousseau 's ideal of human excellence involves human beings acting together in community as free and equal moral beings. Freedom, both personal and political, is self-rule: being obedient only to rules made by all citizens for the benefit of all citizens. Such freedom, expressed negatively, is one of not being subject to the will of others and not being subject to one 's selfish passions. Equality is the right of each citizen to participate in politics as a moral agent, that is, to have self-rule utilizing the general will. The American revolution was pretty much the same to the French, but it way less tries to get it to work the. The American bill of right is built on the ideas of most of the enlightenment philosophers.…

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