Essay about The French Revolution And The American Revolution

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The French Revolution was an important revolt for French society. It was a time of social and political tension from 1789 until 1799. The French Revolution changed history as we know it through radical and liberal ideas. This revolution started the global decline of theocracies and absolute monarchies while changing them with democracies and republics. The French population was upset with high taxes that the government had implemented to try to pay debts from the Seven Years ' War and the American Revolutionary War. The French Revolution led to the French monarchy being destroyed, the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, armed conflicts with other European countries, and influence on other countries as well as other impacts across the globe. The French Revolution occurred under King Louis XVI, who was eventually executed. French society was dealing with high taxes and bad harvests which led them to dislike the government. They disliked the government because they were jealous of the privileges enjoyed by the clergy and the aristocracy. To prove their point, the French people destroyed the Bastille brick by brick in July of 1789. This was followed by the passage of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in August which states that, all men are protected by law at any time. The women staged the March on Rome because they felt they were being singled out in society. A major section of the war was when the French abolished feudalism and the old rules that it had…

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