The French Revolution And Napoleon Essay

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When George Washington was the President of the United States in 1787 to 1797, he made decisions that would change America for the future to come. After the revolutionary war, Washington didn’t want any more wars, and wanted to remain strictly neutral. By doing this, he refused to enter any conflicts with Europe. During this time, the French revolution and Napoleon was causing major destruction in Europe, and the French people looked towards America for help. The American people were divided by this, some opposed the radical turn, and others remained Francophiles. Although the Americans collectively did not like the idea of being neutral. They wanted to help the French because during the Revolutionary war, the French aided the Americans. A quote from the play, Hamilton, can explain how the French aided the Americans. Lafayette, a French military officer who fought for the United States said, “I go to France for more funds, I come back with more guns and ships and so the balance shifts.” This shows how the French gave America money, guns and ships to help them defeat the British. The French expected help from the Americans, so they sent Edmond Genêt to ask Washington for aid, but Washington refused. Washington’s foreign policy was successful because it allowed the Americans to navigate the Mississippi river because they weren’t enemies with anyone. The neutrality continued until World War 2, when they broke their neutrality and entered the war. Though, his foreign policy had…

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