The French Revolution After The 1848 Revolution Essay examples

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The Law The article portrays the French revolution after the 1848 revolution; whereas the turning point in France of socialism. The article was written over 100 years ago by Frederic Bastiat, basically describing the law, and the direct force in a society, and quoting Life, liberty, and property play a major role in a free society. Bastiat talks about the force implicated in the enforcement protecting said rights, and should the force keep all individual rights of every person? The ability to control labor by laws implicated in favor of the wealthy, essentially stealing from the masses. He stresses the human faults and what contributes toward socialism. How the United States is headed toward a similar outcome of socialism. The human factor in exploding tariffs and slavery described in the article in regards to America. The capacity in pillage of labor, he talks about the ones who work and the ones exploiting the labor for their richest. It’s easier exploiting, and then actually working a job. The ruling class creating labor laws, as a result, taxing the labor to profit the few. Bastiat references the legal pillage and the results. The key points slavery, limitations, and the big organizations exploiting labor for profit. How do the three factors create misery and the mistrust of government? The clear answer is the just law and limitations in government to exploit labor cheaper. This formula can be used in a modern society, whereas the

exploiting in Asia and poor…

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