The French Of The American Revolution Essay

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Throughout American history, it is sometimes overlooked and even forgotten that France played a major role in the American Revolution. Although it was the Americans that were fighting for their independence, the French were fighting a war of their own. France provided money, equipment, military advice, and even additional forces, but not for the sake of the Americans independence. While providing support, they were also using this opportunity to seek retribution against Britain. In the end it was the Americans that secured the victory, along with their independence, but without the assistance that the French provided, it is not a war that the colonies could have likely won.
The French’s dispute with Britain begin after they suffered a crushing defeat to them in the Seven Years’ War. Each country wanted to extend their influence in North America. Both countries controlled land at the time, The British controlling the 13 colonies, and France controlling land from Louisiana to the Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes to Canada (Office of the Historian, 2016). After George Washington and the British colonial forces failed to remove the French from the Ohio River Valley in 1754, the Prime minister made an attempt to quickly retaliate. However, his plans were made public which led to a full scale war. This war ended with the Treaty of Paris of 1763. This resulted in France giving up all their territories in North America. Although the British had succeeded in expelling France from…

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