Essay on The French Healthcare System

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Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité: Healthcare in France
Liberty, equality, and fraternity. The infamous expression dates back as one of the countless mottos to galvanize the citizenry in the midst of the French Revolution. Today, this phrase exemplifies not only the republican ethos that incited the revolution, but also embodies the country’s healthcare system; Liberty, defined as the freedom of a patient to choose any healthcare provider he or she wishes to. Equality, characterized in the universal medical coverage for all citizens, regardless of socioeconomic status. Fraternity, expressed by the overwhelmingly positive regard French citizens view their healthcare, with 88% describing the overall quality as “good or very good” (Chevreul K 181). Consequently, the French healthcare system is exceptional compared to its international counterparts in terms of access to care, state regulation of care and the patient options for healthcare providers. Two categories of insurance constitute the French healthcare system, which facilitates universal medical coverage among its citizen and beneficiaries. The Statutory Health Insurance (SHI), financed primarily through “payroll taxes and a national earmarked income tax,” covers nearly the entire resident population (E. Mossialos 59). The SHI is composed of several scheme in which “individuals and their families are affiliated with a scheme based on their employment status and remain in [that] scheme in retirement.” No individuals can opt…

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