The French And The English Essay

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1. The French and the English were the two European powers that came into conflict over Canada, in order to obtain the land and it 's resources, namely the animal pelts and fish from the Atlantic coast. The resources in turn led to wealth and prestige back home, something both imperial powers vied for.

2. Canada was colonized later than the Caribbean and Central America because at the time it was considered little more than a remote northern outpost. For much of 1500s, the colonies in the Caribbean and Central America were the focus of the imperial competition between England, France, and other European powers.

Some of the driving forces of colonization in these regions were imperialistic ambitions, Eurocentrism and ethnocentrism, technological advancements, secure access to resources, and growing consumer appetite for material goods. Imperialistic ambitions refers to the motivation behind why European leaders expanded their land, namely for prestige. Eurocentrism and ethnocentrism played a part as a driving force because it led Catholic Churches and European Monarchs to believe that their mission was to spread their beliefs onto other uncivilized people. Technological advancement made it easier to navigate, consequently allowing European powers to gain access to raw materials it needed without any trouble. Growing consumer appetite encouraged imperial powers to explore new trading routes and form new partnerships with other countries.

The names of the two largest…

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