The French And Spanish Settlement Essay examples

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England, France, and Spain struggled to gain control of Colonial North America. The settlers from each country came to the New World for different reasons, and with different concepts of governance from their own countries. Because of these differences the colonist’s from different countries had advantages and disadvantages that impacted the destiny of the New World. Settlement location, political affiliations, religious beliefs, and economic strengths all contributed to the English establishing dominance in North America. Although England dominated North America, the French and Spanish settlement regions retained their national characteristics, which are still present today. In 1534, Jacques Cartier was the first French navigator to settle in North America. He was sent by King Francis I in search of gold and other precious metals. He explored the coast of North America and settled on the Gaspé Peninsula, which is now known as the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Establishing a foothold in this area, French colonial expansion began in the early 16th century, with the voyages of Giovanni da Verrazzano and Jacques Cartier. The French colonial empire truly began on July 27, 1605, when Port Royal was founded in the colony of Acadia, in what is now known as Nova Scotia, Canada. Several years later, in 1608, Samuel De Champlain founded Quebec, which was to become the capital of the enormous, but sparsely settled, fur-trading colony of New France. In 1699, French territorial claims…

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