The French And Native American Participation During The Revolutionary War

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In the 1760s and 1770s, in Colonial America, tensions were running high. The colonists were tremendously angry about the Intolerable Acts being placed on them and having no proper representation. The British were trying with all of the great might to hold on to the colonists and control them, however this was all in vain, because in 1775, the American Revolutionary War began. While the winner of the war was obviously known as the Americans, they did not win without serious help from outside sources. The French and the Native Americans both provided this help during the War. The significance of the French and Native American participation in the Revolutionary War can be examined in different ways, such as, the French providing financial help and the Native Americans providing men.
During the American Revolutionary War, the French financially helped the American soldiers. The French government sent financial assistance every time the American’s were in need. Numerous people believe the reason the Frenchmen helped was because of vindictiveness: The French were still bitter about losing the Seven Years War, of the French and Indian War. Nevertheless, without the help from the French, the American’s would have probably lost the war. The currency the colonists did have lost value very quickly because the gold that was backing the currency was located in Britain. According to James Breck Perkins, they sent what would be considered 43 million dollars in today’s standards, “And while…

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