Essay on The French And Indian War

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The outcomes of the French and Indian war, led towards the separation of the colonies from the government of Great Britain. One of the major problems that led to the American Revolution; was that Britain spent too much money on the French and Indian War, and wanted the colonies to help pay their debt. Therefore, Britain started demanding taxes on specific goods in the colonies. The Colonists were really disturbed about the taxes and because they did had no representation in Parliament. Moreover, the decision that was made over the American Revolution is a significant period of time that molded the United States. Even though, the American Revolution took place many years ago; several debates still linger to this point.

The Ethics of the American Revolutionaries
The American Revolution was a very controversial issue at the time, whit only one third supporting independence and one third opposed. Afterwards, whit the victory of America, the colonist was viewed as the “good-guys” and the British as the villains. However many people started to question the true meaning of loyalty. In general, the American Revolutionaries were not disloyal to the England government for plenty of reasons. Even tough, the thirteen colonies that eventually became The United States; was established by Great Britain, yet their relationship was not stable. First of all, the main reason the colonies started rebelling against Great Britain was the taxation issue. “The colonist debated about England’s…

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