The French And Indian War Essay

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The American Revolution was the product caused by many events, the first being the French and Indian War. The French and Indian war got its start in the year 1754 with land disputed in the Ohio River Valley and Middle America. The French and Indian war is a global conflict known all over the world as The Seven Years War. “1740’s British dispute boundaries in Ohio Valley. Virginia lays claim To land in Present day western Pa. (Ohio Company) French respond by building forts to secure what they believe is theirs and to establish a
Western border,” (The Seven Years’ War-1754-1763 (French and Indian War) 4). The two main powers: England and France, had many allies like Prussia, Hanover and the Iroquois Confederacy on the side of Britain and then Austria and many other Indian tribes on the side of the French, (“Seven Year’s War”). “During the land disputed the Royal Governor of Virginia dispatched a messenger to warn the French of their trespasses on Virginia land,” (Cohen 135). Washington, after warning the French and gathering information on the location, returns to Virginia. The French built Fort Duquesne to protect their claims. Washington is sent out again with a force to remove the British from the fort. Washington, with a small group of soldiers and a few Native Americans, attacks the French and kills a dozen men. Washington then builds Fort Necessity and reinforces it with 200 English soldiers, but his Native American allies leave him. The French Army approaches 600 plus…

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