The French And Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian War, which occurred during the mid-18th century, was one of the most influential conflicts to arise on the North American continent. During the period, hostility existed between the English colonists and their Native American neighbors; as a result, when the war broke out, colonial unity is argued to have emerged against a common enemy. However, historians disagree whether the war had any transforming effect on early America; historian Peter Silver’s work “Our Savage Neighbors” tries to set the record straight on the issue. Through Silver’s work, we can argue that the war changed early America during the period through bigotry, religion, politics, and violence which affected native-colonial relations and inter-colonial relations. From the lens of rural Pennsylvania, it is shown how these events changed early America by creating a momentary, localized reaction to a particular crisis which united multi-cultural groups under a common banner of white nationalism. The French and Indian war had an impact on early America because it created a system of prejudice against Native American people out of fear and set a foundation for unity amongst the colonies. For example, it is shown how negative views about Indian tribes were being cemented when we observe how aspects of Indian society were blown out of proportion by colonial authorities. This can be seen in Silver’s work when he says how colonists believed that Indians developed as savages because their…

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