Essay about The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian War lasted from 1689 to 1763, and it was fought between the British, the French, and with the Native Americans. The reason was for domination of the New World. It all began in the early 1750’s, when France expansion into the Ohio River conflicted with the claims of the British. The French and Indian War also in no doubt had many effects on the American colonies. The war affected all who stayed in America, from Native Americans to the colonists. The war also caused the American colonies to become more unified as Americans while at the same time made it more distant from Britain. All due to differing political, economic, and ideological relations after the war was over. Throughout the war the American colonists wanted to expand to the west, away from British control. After the French and Indian War was over the British started reducing salutary neglect because Britain was not receiving the money that it needed, and started imposing heavier taxes in order to pay for the French and Indian War. The American Colonists resented the British for this and started to grow resistance, while on the other side many people agreed with what Britain was doing after the war. Many of the American colonists were glad that there were invigorated ties with England while many others were enraged by the economic situation created by the taxes imposed by Britain. There is no doubt that the French and Indian War ultimately changed and revolutionized the American colonies and…

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