The French And American Revolution Essay

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The Romantic period, dating from the mid eighteenth century to the mid nineteenth, was brought upon by the industrial revolution. The huge changes in technology helped many people become rich, but also made the poor poorer. Many families were torn apart, and houses destroyed to make way for the new factories being installed, meaning the loss of income by thousands of people. This made many people long for the simple life of the past, without all the industrialization of civilisation but with the peace of Nature. This longing for the past made many people stand up against the new technologies, and many works of art, poetry and literature were made. These works rebelled against the conventional way to write and create, while influencing others to follow their past to make life what it once was. The Romantics made many works about the French and American revolution, agreeing with their cause and convincing others to join. The following essay annotates and compares two Romantic poems, Ode to Autumn and Epitaph (neo-Romantic). Both poems are very intent on the idea of solitude in Nature, an Idea the Romantics were very passionate about, as well as the idea that god is in Nature, and although all things die, they will live on in Nature.

Ode to Autumn is an iconic Romantic work written by John Keats which is heavily focused on the Romantic ideals of Pantheism. Pantheism is the idea of God living in, and being in, Nature. Romantics thought the path to true inner peace and…

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