Essay about The Freedom Of Speech On The Bill Of Rights

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The Issue: The issue is whether the public can protest this individual’s death. The freedom of speech is stated in our Bill of Rights. Protest often comes about from the public because there is an outcry and hunger for justice.
The right to assemble once again is in our Bill of Rights. In a ruling in the United States
Supreme Court, in POLICE DEPT. OF CHICAGO v. MOSLEY, there was an issue in a demonstration during school hours. The city declared there should be no picketing within one hundred fifty feet during school hours; however the city made an exception to calm demonstrations. The question here is not that they allow protest or not, but that they enact limits to this right. The issue in allowing protest in her funeral, yes its possible, but interrupting her funeral from taken place, no. Once again the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights enables us to assemble peacefully. The Rule: Regarding what was formerly stated, in the case of the POLICE DEPT. OF
CHICAGO v. MOSLEY, the unanimous holding was, “The exemption for labor picketing violated the equal protection clause. Government regulation of message content is presumed unconstitutional unless there are compelling justifications. And regulations that selectively exclude speakers from a public forum must undergo careful judicial examination to ensure the minimal degree of furthering an important government interest. Mosley fashions an important principle from the values of freedom and equality: equal…

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