Essay on The Freedom Of Speech By The Bill Of Rights

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Imagine losing the ability to say common vocabulary during school, a place where most spend a large amount of time in. Imagine suspensions for using the now forbidden words because a pledge must be enforced and followed at all schools. This idea of a pledge that takes away from students and even teachers should not be utilized in schools as it takes away from the little freedom children have while not being specific enough to be a valid pledge. Since the creation of the Bill of Rights in 1791, the First Amendment--the Freedom of Speech--has been in place to protect those who have differentiating opinions from the majority. The Amendment allows for freedom of religion as well as expression. The amendment in school, however, is slightly different; public schools are “to create an informed citizenry capable of self-governance (The First Amendment in Schools). A school reflects democratic ideals which are mirrored in the students. In the past, there have been numerous court cases that involved students arguing their rights to freedom of speech at school; the Morse v. Frederick case, for example, where students hung a banner reading “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” was met with discipline by the school. Students have the rights as long as those “right[s] to free speech [are] implemented in ways that do not interfere with schools’ education mission” (First Amendment in Schools). In this case, the rights were taken away for disrupting the school’s atmosphere. Everyone is guaranteed their…

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