The Freedom Of Speech By Jonathan Turley And ' Kindly Inquisitors, Revisited ``

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Freedom of speech is something that has been long instilled in the minds of Americans. Some seem to suppose they have complete freedom of that right, however, there are rules and restrictions. Many are not aware of these limitations and are not aware of just how many our world possesses. Some countries have more restrictions than others, but overall there are some phrases that are against the law to use, for example, shouting “fire” in a theater full of people (Turley 160). While “Shut Up and Play Nice” by Jonathan Turley and “Kindly Inquisitors, Revisited” by Jonathan Rauch have different ways of approaching the subject, both focus on the limitations of our First Amendment right. These papers will be evaluated on how they persuade the reader to agree with their claims using the rhetorical modes of ethos, logos, and pathos. Ethos is utilized in both articles with an overall vested interest, yet Turley and Rauch employ the reference of authority in opposite aspects. On one hand, there is Turley who uses many authority figures of the religious and secular variety. He displays well-known names of different groups throughout his essay such as “Rosemary Collyer” a United States District Judge, “Muhammad” a Muslim prophet, “Brigitte Bardot” an actress and animal rights activist, and “Nakoula Basseley Nakoula” a youtube filmmaker (Turley 160). By providing so many different types of individuals, he is trying to expand his reach of people he might persuade and confirms that he has…

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