The Freedom Of Speech By Barenblatt V. U.s. Essay

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Matthew dowdell polisci paper #2 p2 Freedom of speech

What is the freedom of speech? Do we americans actually have that right as a citizen? There are a lot of people today who are arrested for speaking their own opinions. I personally hear a lot of people say that every person in the united states have the freedom of speech but are afraid to use that right because they don’t want to get arrested. In these three cases I will tell you how these people used their freedom of speech. Barenblatt V. U.S. In the morning of june 28, 1954, Lloyd Barenblatt sat in the courtroom of the old house office building in Washington D.C. Earlier in the month, Barenblatt had been handed a subpoena to appear before the house UN-american activities committee. Precisely at 10:30AM, representative Harold H. Velde took the stand and began the hearing. Velde had convened this routine hearing to uncover communist party members who had taught in Michigan schools and universities. Veldes first target was the University of Michigan. His head witness was Francis X. Crowley. Crowley came before the committee as a repentant witness. Barenblatt sat quietly in the courtroom during Crowley’s examination by Velde and the committee’s council. Despite his argument to “names”, Crowley resisted the demand that he brand Barenblatt a communist party activist.
After lengthy and fruitless sparring over Barenblatt’s political activities at the University of Michigan, Velde allowed his statement into the record.…

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