The Freedom Of Speech And The Infringing Of Freedom Essay

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What Went Wrong Sienna Fick History
The Freedoms of America need to be revised. Freedom of speech and the infringing of the right to bare arms are harmful in two drastically different areas harmful physical and harmful mental. There are apparent and growing flaws in the bill of rights that need attention. The two most detrimental are freedom of speech and gun rights. The government is trying to cover up the holes in these articles and are doing it sloppily and half-heartedly. These articles do not protect society from modern day problems. The first amendment, freedom of speech had no ill intention but is and has been abused by the press and schools; lies are and have been fed to all the generations. On the other hand, gun rights are being stripped away without a second thought. Both trends are harmful for different reasons. Freedom of speech is opening the way for malicious people to malign innocent people whereas gun rights are being taken from law abiding citizens because of criminals, which give more power to criminals while leaving the innocent vulnerable. The bill of rights need to refine.
The problem started with the dawn of America. The founding fathers…

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