The Freedom Of Speech And Expression Essay

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For years, the United States has managed to maintain a balance between its institutional powers and personal rights of its citizens. The US constitution has undergone multiple amendments aimed at providing more freedom while the same time protects the national interests. Recently conducted studies revealed that the majority of Americans feel threaten by the decisions made by the federal government (DePlato, 2015). The paper evaluates institution powers and personal rights that the legislature should consider upholding, eliminating, or adding in a bid to balance between personal rights and national interests.
The Most Important Institutional Power and Personal Right
The Freedom of Speech and Expression
The freedom to speech and expression is the most fundamental right that all citizens. The Constitution Bill of Rights identifies the freedom of speech as an important right that every US citizen deserves. Evidently, the United States has been on the forefront in promoting the freedom of speech in the global front. As the governmental agencies struggle to maintain the United States’ reputation as the world’s superpower, new leadership may be tempted to compromise the freedom of speech in favor of national security. Therefore, maintaining the freedom of speech will protect the American citizens and allow them the air their grievances when need be.
Congress’ Power to Regulate the Presidency on Foreign Policies
Since the Second World War, the United States has continued to play…

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