Essay on The Freedom Of Love Is Not A Choice

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The Freedom to Say Goodbye
I use to believe that love is not a choice. I use to yearn to find the one true soulmate that was made for me and only me. I know now that I could have not been more wrong. As humans, I believe that we experience an extreme fondness for one another, and when we act upon that fondness, we marry as a way to grasp onto the need of company, of comfort, of an existence that we choose to hold dear to us. That is the reason that we humans marry, and the reason we stay married, even after the honeymoon stage, is acceptance. In Idaho Falls, my friend’s mother has divorced twice in the past couple years, and she is now engaged again. I remember speaking to her about it, about why her mom has divorced twice and still seeks marriage, about why she still kisses for her prince even though the last two were just regular frogs. she didn’t give me a reason for the prince charming and the frogs, but the question about the divorces were answered. She use to live in California with when her parents were married, however, when her dad’s business ran dry, they were financially unstable. During the unstable times, her mother and father spent more time together, seeing as the business that kept her dad busy was now in shambles. With the sudden amount of time that they spend in the presence of each other increasing, they began to notice small things that irked them about each other, small things that they use to enjoy. He no longer liked the way that she put her feet up…

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