The Freedom Of Expression, Freedom, And Freedom Essay examples

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The liberty came to my country Iraq lately. The Iraqi people did not know the freedom until 2003 When the American forces liberated Iraq from the dictator government headed by Sadam Hussein. After that, the Iraqi people began enjoy the freedom which were previously denied by the previous government. The situation in Iraq is very dangerous. The situation tied the Iraqi people for enjoying their freedom that the constitution guaranteed. There are many freedoms that the Iraqi constitution included, such as freedom of expression, freedom of choosing religion, and child freedom. One of the liberties that the Iraqi constitution included is freedom of expression. The freedom of expression enables the person to express his or her feelings and opinions without worries or afraid from other people as long as these thoughts do not hurt them, such as the freedom to criticize the political situation, economic, health and other situations. Also, the freedom of expression can define as the person can express his or her thoughts with mood of respect and move away from the thoughts of violence and murder. Although the constitution of Iraq guaranteed this liberty, the Iraqi people tied to use it in public. There are many methods that enable them to use it, such as Facebook, Twitter, journals, articles, and many other methods that enable them to express their freedom of expression. The previous government before 2003 prevented the freedom of expression; however, the Iraqi people now can…

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