Essay The Freedmen 's Bureau Was A Special Organization

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The Freedmen’s Bureau was a special organization created by the Congress to protect and assist the Freedmen and poor whites that suffered from damages after the War. However, the bureau did much more than just feeding the poor as they created schools for the blacks, provided medical care and offered protection to freedmen from the wealthy whites. The bureau also negotiated contracts between the planters and the freedmen. Most importantly, the Freedmen’s Bureau created the education opportunities for the former slaves who were denied the right to read and write from the slave codes.

After the war, it became hard for the Northerners to raised money for the freedpeople, in which many began to lose interest. Therefore, reformers turned to an alternative, which is to educate the freedpeople, as they believed that is the best way to assist them for the future. Many of teachers are northern women who went the south during and after the Civil War. The bureau rented buildings for classrooms, provided books and transportation for teachers. They also paid monthly tuition fees, raised funds and donated materials needed to build the school such as the repairing the roof. The teachers of the freedmen school understand the daily and seasonal work patterns in the labor-intensive south agricultures, thus some school attendance is according to the cotton season. Many of the teachers talk about the blacks showing a great interest in learning. Some were even shocked by the progressed that…

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