Essay about The Freedmen And Their Quest For Egalitarianism

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Building Freedom:
The Freedmen and Their Quest for Egalitarianism The foundation of the United States of America was constructed upon the corpses of Native Americans. Cemented by institutionalized white superiority and racism, African American slaves were the bricks by which were used to erect this great nation. Even upon their laggard release from slavery in 1865, freedmen were far from equality, justice, and most importantly, freedom. Not only is the meaning of freedom extrapolated by Eric Foner within his textbook, Give Me Liberty! An American History, it is also analyzed. Throughout Chapter 15, Foner analyzes post-civil war oppressions and injustices placed not only on black men but also including black women. To maintain credibility with and educate the reader, Foner also provides his interesting compilation of primary source documents in his textbook, Voices of History, a Documentary History. These documents, written at the birth of the Reconstruction era, provide an unaltered insight into the hardships of life that simplified historical descriptions cannot. The following is an analysis, which combines both of Foner’s textbooks, in order to achieve a better understanding of the quest for freedom and equality which was the Reconstruction era. The belief as to whether or not the Reconstruction era successfully provided freedom for emancipated slaves is subjective and relies solely on the definition of the broad term, freedom. Before the abolishment of slavery, the…

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