Essay about The Free State Of Congo

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Imperialism in Europe was all the rage in the 19th and early 20th century. Europeans laid eyes on Africa and realized the potential of Africa’s resources. European nations in the late 19th C. expanded with the precept of ‘civilizing’ Africa but, also with the hidden intention of reaping profit, exploiting trade and the ongoing competition between European empires. The Free State of Congo was a peculiar scenario and the Belgian monarch had a certain grip on Congo. Leopold’s reign of the Congo started with many promises of great prosperity for the Congolese. His promises would not materialize. Leopold’s main desire was resources and a source of wealth, his false precept of civilization were contradicted by his agents in the Congo. These contradictions led to mass brutality in the Congo Basin, because of King Leopold’s white superiority complex. The brutality in the Congo was inevitable and the logical result because of the Europeans contradictory understanding of imperialism. The Congo Basin was known as ‘the heart of Africa’ because it was in the centre of Africa and it was rich with resources. The Congo Basin was sneakily claimed by King Leopold the II of Belgium. Now Leopold and the Belgian monarch had complete control of Congo and their imperial campaign commenced. The Belgian empire was not the only empire having a colony in Africa. Many European empires like Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Italy had huge portions of land in Africa. The German Chancellor…

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