The Free Nation Essay

1128 Words Dec 9th, 2016 5 Pages
One of the biggest questions in a modern sociality is, should the president of the free nation be required to have a Christian background? With our modern world evolving people need a president that is more understanding of other religions and open mind with their beliefs. While believing in a God or supernatural being can be a good thing it can also come with some faults of its own. If you turn on the television and watch a news broadcast you will see that people are debating the problems of a specific candidate, which are they don’t have enough or too much religious background. The United States was founded on a Christian ideal. These religious beliefs were brought from England, adopted and fused into our society. Religion has been the blueprint in which most of the United States documents and constitution have followed. While the founding fathers were Christian, this did not mean that the people had to become Christian, the premise of the founders was that if they viewed the guidelines and the beliefs of Christianity that the people would be influenced and capture and hopefully follow the right beliefs and ethical code to create a new an improved nation that a whole nation could follow in the pursuit of happiness. Every Christian voter in American would like to believe that the president of the free country goes into that oval office and pray to something bigger than him for guidance. To this day there still hasn’t been a president who has come out non-religious or…

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