Essay on The Free Exercise Of Religion

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Late in the 18th century, the nation was changing before our eyes. New religious movements were popping up throughout Virginia and among the other colonies. The most important change that was happening was that the colonist were fighting the Revolutionary War to gain their independence from Great Britain. The Colonist faced many problems before the war and after the war, mainly caused because of religion and taxation. There were dissatisfaction from the dissenters; who broke off from the Church of England. The dissenters were unsatisfied because they were being penalized for leaving the Church. The Founding Fathers tried to find ways in which would better the nation when it came to the tolerance of new religions. One bill passed that help bring acceptance was the Virginia Bill of Rights, passed in 1776. Many bills followed that wanted tolerance of all religions in the Commonwealth. The passage of “free exercise of religion” bills caused many implications. These implications changed the role of religion in society. The “free exercise of religion” caused inequalities; which included favoritism, enforcement of new laws, and tax breaks. Favoritism of the Episcopal Church was shown throughout, the Commonwealth of, Virginia. Especially, through the passages of new bills. The members of other religions called for action and change. The one denomination of the Christian religion to speak against the Virginia Assembly’s favoritism, towards the Episcopal Church was the…

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