The Freak Show : Nike 's Be More Human Ad Campaign Essay

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Analyzing the “Freak Show” Reebok’s Be More Human Ad Campaign
Reebok’s television advertisement “Freak Show” begins with people doing various CrossFit recreational exercises such as flipping tires, running through mud, and climbing ropes while a voice over talks about being obsessive, fanatical, extreme, and crazy. Workout music plays in the background as well. It shows both mean and women around the age of 30. “Freak Show” isn’t just selling a shoe: the company wants us to believe that it’s also selling hard work, determination, courage, strength, and a sense of security. Throughout the advertisement, Reebok’s partnership with CrossFit is evident. In a few of the commercial’s scenes, we see CrossFit activities and gyms featured. There are even a few logos on shirts the athletes are wearing. This is like a double advertisement. When someone sees the logo CrossFit they’ll wonder, “What is CrossFit?” They’ll look it up and maybe think they will try it. Then they are going to need workout gear and they are selling the brand Reebok as the best workout gear. By advertising a company for fitness the commercial is also giving people a reason to buy the brand, even if they are not already an athlete. The commercial also makes the brand look better by showing people how they can be better. Reebok partnered with CrossFit the brand was suffering and needed some kind of sponsorship to stay operational. CrossFit also wasn’t as known at the time and didn’t have a way to promote…

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