Essay The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

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In its entirety, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial effectively embodies the political juggernaut to whom the site is dedicated. Considering the historical and cultural context and impact of the memorial, visitors can better comprehend the dynamic American era that lasted four presidential terms and included World War Two and the Great Depression. On a more recent level, the FDR Memorial can be connected to today’s popular culture, as it has been depicted in a fictional Washington by Netflix’s House of Cards. Due to its inclusivity and lasting relevance, the FDR Memorial can be considered as one of the most appropriately comprehensive depictions of American history. Before the seven and a half acre memorial opened in 1997 as the official FDR Memorial in Washington, DC, there was a preceding memorial near the National Archives Building that still stands today as a testimony to Roosevelt’s strong moral character. In this original memorial, there is an inscription describing the President’s requests of his memorial: “I should like it to consist of a block about the size of this [desk] and placed in the center of that green plot in front of the Archives building. I don’t care what it is made of…but I want it plain without any ornamentation, with the simple carving, ‘In Memory Of [Franklin Delano Roosevelt]’” (Creek). Although the President’s wish for a small memorial was not followed in the creation of the 1997 memorial, Roosevelt’s remarks speak to his humbleness and focus…

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