Essay about The Fourth Amendment

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The Fourth Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights which was established in the seventeenth and eighteenth century English common law. Aside from the rest of the amendments in the Bill of Rights the Fourth Amendment can be traced back to a strong public reaction from some cases back in the 1760s. Two of these cases happened in England and one case happened in the colonies. These cases involved some pamphleteers who would pass out pamphlets to the public in order to spread their word around. These pamphlets however ridiculed the king and his ministers. After finding this out the king issued warrants to have the pamphleteer’s homes ransacked and stripped of all their books and papers. Even back then the pamphleteers knew that their rights …show more content…
The reason the fourth amendment is such a big deal to this day, and why it is necessary for the concept of warrants, is because there are a lot worse contraband in our country than pamphlets. These range from stolen goods, missing persons, excessive amounts of cash through illegal actions, obscene amounts of prescription drugs, illegal firearms, explosives, illegal computer files and or child pornography, and excessive amounts of drugs. These are all things that if they are in someone’s vehicle or home you have to question their character and value system. But furthermore these items do not belong in our residents care, and pose a threat to the peace of our communities.
This concept was understood when the constitution was being written that there needed to be a law to protect the citizens of this country from unlawful searches but also give the right of the country to obtain such belongings if not approved by law. As I mentioned before that this amendment was created a long time ago where they never could have seen all the problems that now plague our society, but this amendment is still very relevant even today. Although our founder fathers may have not have foreseen such problems in the future, with all the court cases that the fourth amendment has been involved with since the amendment has been ratified, this has helped to tweak, and add additions to the idea behind the amendment. Examples of these cases involved with and have aided the

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