The Fourth Amendment And The Fifth Amendment Essay

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1. One of the most important constitutional rights or amendments which affect and impact policing is the fourth amendment. This amendment protect people from unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant. This includes having their person, their homes, and items within their comes searched and taken by police or other officials. As a result, if the police suspect that a person has taken part in, or is perpetrating a crime, they must first legally obtain a warrant, which is granted by a judge before they can enter the suspect 's property in search of evidence. The fifth amendment is also vital in policing as it states that a person cannot be prosecuted or punished without being given due process. The due process that is guaranteed by the fifth amendment ensures that there is an actual criminal procedure that takes place and prevents people from being unjustly taken from their homes and punished without a trial. It also ensures that a person cannot incriminate themselves and gives them the right to remain silent or "plead the fifth." The sixth amendment is also one that is important in policing as it guarantees in today 's court system that a defendant has the right to a trial that is judged by a jury of his or her peers. During this trial, he or she also has the right to know what the nature of the charges are, have legal representation, and to face any witnesses for the prosecution. In addition, the eighth amendment is impactful in policing as it states that the court…

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